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Made to Order... School’s still out and your kids are bored, it’s time to let their creativity run wild with this complete easy-to Paint Your Own Bath Bomb Kit. This imagination project is your child’s opportunity to discover what it means to be a real artist while helping them relieve stress and take control of a small part of their lives.

Paint Your Own Bath Bomb Kits are wonderful home school projects, allowing children to dig deep for inspiration while using their imagination to explore colors, patterns, and textures; they can be as abstract or detailed and realistic as they desire.

And the fun doesn’t end when the paintings done; oh no, they get to bathe in their very own creation!

Just drop their masterpiece into a tub of warm water; sit back and relax as their mesmerizing 3-dimensional bath bomb bursts into colorful swirls, bubbling and spinning as it releases even more surprise colors hidden inside, delivering kid-friendly sumptuous oils and natural skin-nourishing ingredients.
 This Kit Contains All of the Star Wars Bombs( Darth Vader, Startrooper, R2D2,BB8, C3PO,Chewie, Yoda), The Micas you need to Paint with, Brushes, the 99%  Alcohol to mix the micas, Instructions on mixing.  

The Sky is the Limit with the creativity!!!

Paint it Yourself Star Wars Bomb Kit

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