The Mothman is based on real-life sightings of Mothman in Point Pleasant, WestVirginia,in the 1960,s. According to the real life legend,Mothman is a large creature with insect-like wings,red eyes and a fuzzy body, Legend says the sighting of Mothman are usually followed up by tragedies with many deaths, such as airplane crashes. This winged creature first appeared on November 12th 1966 in front of five men digging a grave in Clendenin, West Virginia. About 1hour 20 minutes away fromPoint Pleasant.

each bomb is unique, no two alike, these are hand painted all natural 


Moth Man/ Death Moth


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    We are a company that cares about natural products for the body. A family tradition of recipes from more than nine generations, our products contain goats milk and are naturally infused with herbs and essential oils twisted into tasty scents and formed into geeky personalities. Soaps, lotions, bath bombs and more, our products are safe for most skin types including sensitive. In our search for safer products for our family and furry friends we continue and strive for healthier ways to clean and protect our bodies.

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