Potion Use: Combat blockages and release all the wealth, fortune and gold that is destined to be yours. Abundance comes from within. If you believe you have it, it will be given to you. But this Potion does none of that. We just know this really cool art class where they teach you how to draw money: sketch, paint and shade it in. On the financial front, you're on your own.

Side Effects: Oh look, another bill is due. We hear you're taking an art class?

bright, fresh lemongrass with garden greens and basil accented with sparkling lime

Money Drawing Spell Shower Potion


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    We are a company that cares about natural products for the body. A family tradition of recipes from more than nine generations, our products contain goats milk and are naturally infused with herbs and essential oils twisted into tasty scents and formed into geeky personalities. Soaps, lotions, bath bombs and more, our products are safe for most skin types including sensitive. In our search for safer products for our family and furry friends we continue and strive for healthier ways to clean and protect our bodies.

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