Potion Uses: We boiled the Hell out of this Potion for all your Heavenly needs. Holy Water is a good conductor of positive energy. Blessed by a person of light, it automatically becomes a weapon against negative energy and can be used to banish demons, fuccbois or unwelcomed spirits. 

Side Effects: May render the user unable to cuss. Words like "fudge," "bullshirt," and "rubberducker" may become part of their regular vernacular.

For our muggle customers, we'd like you to know that all Potion descriptions above are merely a work of fiction. There is nothing to worry about, magic isn't real...probably. The item you are purchasing is nothing but an ordinary shower gel/ bubble bath/ hand soap that will not conjure luck, stop death, or whatever unrealistic thing it claims to do. It will only cleanse and create bubbles. 

For our magical customers, please ignore above statement and refer to the description tag. 

Holly Water


    About Us

    We are a company that cares about natural products for the body. A family tradition of recipes from more than nine generations, our products contain goats milk and are naturally infused with herbs and essential oils twisted into tasty scents and formed into geeky personalities. Soaps, lotions, bath bombs and more, our products are safe for most skin types including sensitive. In our search for safer products for our family and furry friends we continue and strive for healthier ways to clean and protect our bodies.

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