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Haggar was born to a very young mom,
When she went to school, she left Haggar alone.
One day she came home, and looked into his bed,
Only to find that poor Haggar was dead.
She took her limp baby & threw him into a ditch, 
And in a few days, he was found by a witch.
Haggar was dirty. He was and smelly, and cold,
But she needed a baby, to love and to hold.
So she conjured a potion, and fed it to him.
He gasped & he choked, then flashed a sly grin.
The old witch bent over,
& reached into his bed,
Haggar ripped off her hand, and ate it, then fled.

Haggar smells damp,
Haggar looks dead,
Haggar will really get into YOUR HEAD and Tub!




7.50 oz bath bomb 

Haggar Bath Bomb 7.50 oz hand painted

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