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Are you tired of living in filth and squalor? Do plague-like symptoms have you feeling down?

Then get on it with the Bubonic Tonic! Featuring a revitalzing blend of lavender, clary sage, pink grapefruit and

tonka bean, sure to keep those pesky fleas away and your malaise at bay!

Fun fact: Lavender was one of the main herbs used by plague doctors during 1346-53 while the Black Death was

running rampant across Europe.The doctors used it in their masks along with bouquets of other fragrant herbs (like sage and camphor) as a literal attempt to "mask" odors emitting from the bodies and homes of the victims. It's been said that many survived the plague due to protection from the lavender plant. Lavender is used to this day as a safe and natural flea, mite and tick repellent!


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