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Scent: odorless, colorless, flavorless

Potion Uses: Divorce is too expensive and it's definitely not a good look, dear. Besides, what will the church say? What is a good look, I a diamond necklace upon your collar and a hefty life insurance check made out in your name. It's not your fault that some guys just can't hold their arsenic.

Side Effects: Cremation is the ideal way to dispose of the useless old fool or the townsfolk may form a mob and kick your arsenic.

For our muggle customers, we'd like you to know that all Potion descriptions above are merely a work of fiction. There is nothing to worry about, magic isn't real...probably. The item you are purchasing is nothing but an ordinary shower gel/ bubble bath/ hand soap that will not conjure luck, stop death, or whatever unrealistic thing it claims to do. It will only cleanse and create bubbles.

For our magical customers, please ignore above statement and refer to the description tag.

ARSENIC Shower Potion 10 oz

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