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Potion Use: Is someone diene and left you to triene clean up the crime scene? We're in our element and can get you out of alkynes of trouble. Deep clean the DNA right off their bones with this marvelous concoction that periodically makes getting away with murder sodium easy! 

Side Effects: When the cops come a knockin', be sure to not overreact and just say that they argon, okay?

For our muggle customers, we'd like you to know that all Potion descriptions above are merely a work of fiction. There is nothing to worry about, magic isn't real...probably. The item you are purchasing is nothing but an ordinary shower gel/ bubble bath/ hand soap that will not conjure luck, stop death, or whatever unrealistic thing it claims to do. It will only cleanse and create bubbles. 

For our magical customers, please ignore above statement and refer to the description tag. 

We'll conjure something fresh in our cauldron just for you.

Available for wholesale. Contact us for prices. 

No cruelty to animals. Only unsuspecting humans wandering into our den. 
If shower gel gets into your eyes, please rinse thoroughly with running water. 
For external use only. 

Please give us 5-7 business days for our potions to cool and ship to you. 


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